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11 Dec

Changes to MSP

Last Friday, all employees received an email to inform you that the District processed your last MSP premium deduction in November 2019. To further explain, MSP premiums will be...

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24 Jun

Desjardins Data Breach

Desjardins has experienced a serious breach of individuals’ personal information. Please be aware that this breach does not affect our JEIS or LTD programs as it affected a different...

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21 Jun

Instructions for Completing VITH Form

Attached are instructions for completing the Violence, Threat, Intimidation, Harassment Form.

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19 Jun

Pro-D Fund

Maximum reimbursement is $2500.00 per member per school year. In June 2018, the In-service and Pro-D Fund Committee revised the rules and regulations for the funding. Emails were sent...

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10 Oct

PEBT Long Term Benefits

Please read the following information from the PEBT website on long term benefits: TERMINATION OF CORE LTD BENEFITS Payment of Core LTD Benefits will cease on the earliest of:...

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19 Sep

Pro-D and In-Service Changes

Beginning last July 1, 2018 the In-service and Pro-D funding requirements for reimbursements changed as per the information on our website. This information, as well as Applications for Reimbursements,...

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13 Jun

Collective Agreement

It was brought to our attention by some of our members that they may be denied certain rights which are in our negotiated Collective Agreement.  If you are questioning...

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06 Jun


There have been many questions brought forward to CUPE regarding outside contractors doing CUPE work.  Operations works with School District 23 using Jurisdiction Forms when outside contractors are requested. ...

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25 Oct

In-Service and Pro-D Funding Information

The CUPE Pro-D In-Service Fund was negotiated through CUPE and the School District No. 23.  This is a fund for education and improving job opportunities in School District No....

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