Please find below the link to the April 15th Clerical ZOOM Meeting.

Clerical Meeting Notes


Clerical Assessment Mediation/Arbitration-April 2022


This is a very positive mediation agreement for all CUPE Local 3523 members.

Thanks to all the 27+ members who contacted the Union via emails, phone calls, and in person conversations.  You provided valued input to the Union and the Union’s lawyer on the clerical assessment relating your issues, concerns and stresses about the clerical assessment.

This mediation agreement is a positive settlement for all our members who are currently in clerical positions and those applying for clerical positions, including external applicants.

We’re very pleased with the mediated agreement between the School District and the Union.

Here are some highlights:

  1. The District will cease using the existing test.
  2. The District removed 22 questions that were discussed between the Union and the Employer.  The new Interim Test will have approximately 60 questions.
  3.  The District will develop, in consultation with the Union, a new clerical assessment.
  4. If members are not successful in passing the Interim Test, they can re-write the test in 3 months rather than having to wait 1 year.  If the District does not implement the new test by September 1, 2022, members can re-write after 1 month.
  5. The District will not require a Union member to write the Interim Test or the New Test when they apply for a position in Appendix A if they are or have been an incumbent in one of the positions listed in Appendix A and successfully passed the trial period; or had previously written and passed the Existing Test, Interim Test or New Test.

Please see Appendix A below:

1. 0201 0401 Library Assistant Clerk Typist

2. 0204 0512 CPS Secretary and Textbook Library Assistant

3. 0401 School Clerk Typist

4. 0403 Clerk Typist -Purchasing

5. 0406 Clerk Typist -Operations

6. 0407 Clerk Typist- Health and Safety

7. 0412 District Career Program Secretary*

8. 0414 Human Resources Clerk

9. 0502 Student Support Services Secretary

10. 0504 Resource Centre Clerk

11. 0510 Computer Admin Secretary

12. 0512 Career Program Secretary

13. 0601 Indigenous Education Program Secretary

14. 0612 District Career Program Secretary

15. 0703 HR WorkSafeBC Claims Clerk

16. 0707 Purchasing Assistant

17. 0709 Learning Technology Assistant

18. 0793 Learning Centre Facilitator

19. 0811 Instructional Leadership & Learning Service Secretary

20. 0814 Human Resources Assistant

21. 0892 Community Partnership Facilitator

22. 0911 Admin Assistant -Elementary

23. 0914 Human Resources lead Assistant

24. 0918 Admin Assistant -Dual Credit

25. 1009 International Educational Program Secretary

26. 1010 Admin Assistant -Secondary

27. 1014 HR WorkSafeBC Appeals Clerk

28. 1016 Student Support Service Dept Admin Secretary

29. 1111 Admin Assistant- Secondary-KSS/RSS/MBSS/OKM