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06 Jun


There have been many questions brought forward to CUPE regarding outside contractors doing CUPE work.  Operations works with School District 23 using Jurisdiction Forms when outside contractors are requested.  These forms are filled out by SD23 Management requesting outside contractors to do CUPE work.  The forms explain in detail what the work is going to be and what company is going to do it.  These jurisdictions also relate to students being allowed to do CUPE work (i.e. weeding in a school garden).

Once the forms are completed, SD23 Management submits them to the CUPE President, who then speaks with the appropriate CUPE coordinator at Operations.  The coordinators let our CUPE President know whether or not they can do the work.  They know if there is enough manpower or equipment to do the requested job.

When CUPE gets permission from the coordinators to sign a jurisdiction, the work is on a “one time, without prejudice or precedent” basis and the outside contractors can then do the work.

All jurisdictions are kept in the Union office on Springfield Road.  Should questions arise regarding contractors working in our schools, a jurisdiction can be looked up.  All administrators and management know the process.

On occasion, work is done without a jurisdiction from CUPE.  When that comes to the attention of CUPE, a grievance is filed against the offending site or department.

CUPE appreciates when members contact our office if they are unsure that outside workers should be doing CUPE work.  We can very easily check to see if there is a jurisdiction in place for the work.

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