General Meeting Saturday, September 19 - Must Register in Employee Connect

Registration for the September 19th meeting is now open in Employee Connect.  Registration is mandatory as there are limited spaces available due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Employee Connect login – https://cimsweb.sd23.bc.ca/EmpConnect/EmployeeSignonA.aspx

Only register for one meeting: 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. or 12:00 – 2:00 p.m.  There are a few spots left.


2020/2021 CUPE General Meetings will be held in Room 1 (Gym) at HRES:

October 17, November 14, January 23, February 20, April 17, May 22, June 12

Weekly President's Message

Updated September 9 2020


We hope everyone is staying safe and well due to COVID-19 as well as coping with all the smoke.  Please remain extra diligent and adhere to COVID-19 safety precautions as it is now advised to stay indoors as much as possible until the smoke clears.

We are into our second week of school. There have been a few bumps in the road but we’re giving it  a bit of time to see how everyone settles in.  Surrey and Delta have had COVID-19 cases related to school openings and so we remind everyone to follow all safety measures.  Fortunately, we haven’t had very many cases.

Be assured that the Union is continuing to work on a safety plan as it is ever changing.

Please be safe and take care.

David Tether

2020 Support Staff Seniority List

Updated May 6, 2020

2020 Support Staff Seniority List may be viewed by opening the link below:

2020 Support Staff Seniority List

2020 Fall Retirement Workshop Remains Tentative

Updated September 9, 2020

We are taking registrations for the November 5-7, 2020 Retirement Planning Workshop which is still tentative.  Once we have more information, we will update the website.  If you registered for the June 4-6 workshop, we have added your name to the November registration list.

Please note that members must have their supervisor’s permission in order to attend.

Registrants wages are paid for the Thursday & Friday attendance but please note that your relief is not paid by CUPE.

Spouses are welcome so please indicate in your email if your spouse will be attending.

To register, email our office at [email protected]

FALL DATE:  November 5-7, 2020

CEA Communication Guidelines with Students and Families during COVID-19

Please see the attached link for the Guidelines. Using personal devices is optional.  School District should have supplied technology if you are contacting students from home.

Approved Communication Guidelines for CEAs 

SIA Fund in Effect as of July 1, 2020

Attention CEAs,

The Union has received a few phone calls from CEAs who have attended staff meetings at their schools and thought they were being paid to attend the meetings because of the SIA (Service Improvement Allocation) Fund.

The SIA Fund does not take effect until July 1, 2020.  The fund will only cover 1 staff meeting per month up to one hour held outside of school hours.

For other departments, please also note that the date the SIA Fund takes effect is July 1, 2020.

Changes to MSP

UPDATED: December 11, 2019

The following MSP information is from the School District and was emailed to ALL STAFF today just to give you a heads up about the changes in MSP and the new process.  This new process will start in 90 days and SD23 will email  information to ALL STAFF closer to that date.  Until then, all changes are made through the Payroll Department at SD23.

Last Friday, all employees received an email to inform you that the District processed your last MSP premium deduction in November 2019.

To further explain, MSP premiums will be eliminated January 1, 2020, however the MSP program will continue to provide provincially insured health care benefits for eligible BC residents.  Those employees with existing MSP coverage do not need to re-apply.

The District plans to cancel their Group MSP Plan in the coming weeks but the process will take up to 90 days to complete.  As our District’s Group Plan is cancelled, the Ministry of Health and Health Insurance BC (HIBC) will automatically transfer you and any existing dependents to a self-administered MSP account.  Until you are notified, contact the District’s payroll department for any changes.

As HIBC begins this transfer in the spring, each individual will be notified and will become personally responsible for keeping their individual MSP accounts up to date.

• Update your personal information, or information for other individuals on your account (including name, date of birth, or gender);

• Add and/or remove a spouse (including Common-law) or child(ren); and/or

• Update your status in Canada (e.g.: obtain a new work permit, study permit, or confirmation of permanent residence).

More Information:

1 – Questions re: your MSP coverage, visit www.gov.bc.ca/MSP or contact HIBC (1-800-663-7100);

2 – To request an MSP Account Confirmation letter that will verify MSP enrolment status for one or more individuals on your MSP account, visit: www.gov.bc.ca/confirmMSPaccount;

3 – Any further questions, visit https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/health/health-drug-coverage/msp/bc-residents/msp-premium-elimination-jan-1-2020

2019-2020 CUPE Executive:

President:  David Tether – [email protected]

Vice President:  Teri Wishlow – [email protected]

Recording Secretary:  Julie Melia – [email protected]

Secretary Treasurer:  Kieran Fahy – [email protected]

Shop Stewards:

Sergeant-At-Arms:  John O’Flaherty – [email protected]

General:  Ronn Dunn – [email protected]

Clerical:  Shelley Yost – [email protected]

Custodial:  Colleen Elder – [email protected]

Indigenous Advocate:  Simone Gauthier – [email protected]

Operations:  Ron Hoekstra – [email protected]

Student Support Services:  Denise Mott – [email protected]

Student Support Services:  Michelle Price – [email protected]

Transportation:  Duane Wheatley – [email protected]

2014-2019 Collective Agreement

Click on the link below to view the 2014-2019 Collective Agreement.

Collective Agreement 2014-2019 pdf