Benefits and Pensions

The Link below is a summary from BCPSEA and CUPE regarding improvements to the Unionized Support Staff Provincial Standardized Extended Health Plan (Standard Plan), including minimum levels of dental coverage which will be put in place July 1, 2023

Standardized Extended Health Plan Improvements

Greg Snow is the CUPE contact for pension questions.

The following Provincial Benefits Package was voted on and approved at the General Membership Meeting in 2016.  The attached spreadsheet compares the current benefits plan with the upcoming benefits plan which will come into effect September 2017. Blue Cross will remain as the carrier.
PEBT Benefits for 2017

Please read the following information from the PEBT website on long term benefits:

Payment of Core LTD Benefits will cease on the earliest of:

1. The date on which the Member ceases to be Disabled;

2. The date on which the Member engages in any gainful occupation other than gainful occupation approved by the Administrator for the purpose of rehabilitation;

3. The date set by the Administrator on which the Member was required to provide satisfactory Proof of Disability or to undergo a medical examination requested by the Administrator, but neglected or refused to do so;

4. The date on which the Member is outside Canada for any period exceeding:

i. two (2) weeks during the Elimination Period and the following twenty-four (24) months of a period of Disability; or

ii. two (2) months thereafter; unless written approval is given by the Administrator in advance;

5. The date of expiration of the Maximum Benefit Period;

6. The date on which the Member refuses to participate in a Disability Management Program or a Rehabilitation Employment Program considered appropriate by the Administrator;

7. The date the Member dies;

8. The date the Member retires;

9. The date the Member commences to receive retirement benefits from the Municipal Pension Plan or from any other registered pension plan arising out of employment with an Employer;

10. The date the Member fails to comply with the provisions of Section (3)(I) in respect of a Third Party Claim or breaches any term of a Reimbursement Agreement entered into by the Member and the Board of Trustees pursuant thereto; and

11. The date the Member refuses to accept or follow in good faith the requirements of available Continuing Medical Care.

12. The date the Member is no longer lawfully entitled to be in Canada for the purpose of employment for any reason including the expiration of any permit or visa or an outstanding deportation order.


A Member, who is not receiving Core LTD Benefits under the Core LTD Program, shall cease to be entitled to coverage for Core LTD Benefits under the Core LTD Program on the earliest of the following dates:

1. One hundred twenty days prior to the last day of the month during which the Member attains the age of sixty-five (65) years;

2. The date the Member no longer meets the definition of Member;

3. The thirty-second (32nd) day of an unpaid leave of absence;

4. The date the Member temporarily occupies a position that is not eligible for coverage in accordance with the definition of Member in Section 1(A)

5. The date of the Member’s termination of service; and

6. One hundred twenty days prior to the last day of the month during which the Member attains thirty-five (35) years of pensionable service and a minimum age of fifty-five (55) pursuant to the terms of the Municipal Pension Plan or other school district pension arrangement.


The Core LTD Program may be wound-up in accordance with the Trust Agreement.


The normal Waiting Period will be waived for the following Members:

1. A newly appointed member with prior LTD coverage in a different employee group in the same School District.

2. A Member whose decreased hours of work as a regular employee within the preceding six (6) months have made him ineligible for coverage.

3. A Member appointed to the bargaining unit by the Labour Relations Board who had prior LTD coverage in a different employee group within the School District.

4. A laid off Member who is recalled or rehired by the School District within six (6) calendar months of the date of lay off.